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Instructional Design Portfolio

Leigh's relevant skillset:

  • 9+ years of creating educational/training content

  • 9+ years of LMS expertise

  • 9+ years of engaging audiences in-person and online

  • Award winning course designer

  • Highly adaptable to new technologies

  • Team player who works well independently

  • Skilled in voice over production and video creation

  • Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft productivity tools

Video Examples

Learning Content/Instructional Videos
How To/Technical Videos

Course LessonExample

Course Lesson

This lesson is designed for adult learners in an introductory course and it features interactive elements to increase engagement.

Image Creation

A post card inviting students to Virtual Campus Student Information Sessions!
A graph showing the robbery crime funnel. Crime incidents - 932,397; reported crime - 449,246; arrests - 125,605; convictions - 43,063; incarcerations - 36,775. Incarcerations account for only 3.9% of crime incidents.
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